A new high in cpu cooling.

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Specs ::
Bong Pump - 1045 GPH Sen
CPU Pump - 800 GPH Mag
Waterblock - Spir@l
Bong Construction -
6" & 2" Diameter Acrylic Pipe, 6" X 4" SV-35 Sewer Double Wye, PVC fittings, 3/4" Nylon Hose, 10Qt Rez, 2 X 125.5CFM YS Tech Fans, Dramm 500 & 1000 Waterbreakers, 6" Sewer Grate Top, lots + LOTS of misc shit.

Pics of Comp

Performance :: Keeps CPU @ ambient, water temperature 6F below ambient, fans optional with such high water flow.
Smaller CPU pump + flow restriction valve on bong pump to aid in achieving maximum cooling.
Currently evaporative cooler actually lowers room temperature.

Intercooler Unused: